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Full Moon in Virgo, 18 March 2022


After months of darkness and slower rhythms, the full Moon in Virgo gently awakens us, grounds us and humbly reminds us of our earthly duties. With spring just around the corner, it is time to start cleaning and organising our material reality, and prepare for a new astrological year.

The Moon is opposite the Sun, shining a light on the Virgo-Pisces axis. On this full Moon, with the Sun conjunct Neptune in Pisces, a balance is sought between the spiritual and the mundane. This axis is about reconciling fantasy with physical reality, finding the sacred in the ordinary and transforming routines into rituals. How do we embody our divine nature in the material world?

The seeds planted six months ago, during the new Moon in Virgo at the end of summer, have blossomed into habits, practices and rituals that we have incorporated into our autumn and winter routines. As full Moons bring climaxes, the intentions and wishes expressed six months ago now come to fruition as the result of our daily work and efforts. The period of experimentation is over, and now is the time to choose what to keep and what to release. The Moon trine Pluto in Capricorn, allows us to easily detox, heal, cleanse, declutter and let go of unhealthy or unpractical habits, and to review our priorities, in order to enter spring as light and pure as possible.

Mercury and Jupiter are conjunct in Pisces. This transit allows us to dream big, to come up with creative ideas and to receive waves of inspiration that are channelled from a higher source. This transit is perfect for opening and working with the higher chakras, especially with the crown and the throat, in order to allow the messages, ideas, dreams and visions to come through. A sextile to Uranus in Taurus can materialise those ideas, dreams or visions in a sudden way, with Uranus acting as a big wink from the Universe, reminding us that anything is possible and that thoughts (Mercury) have the power to shape our reality.

Mars & Venus in Aquarius are square to Uranus in Taurus, echoing the Saturn-Uranus square that dominated the year 2021. On a personal level, relationships are put to the test, as Aquarius and Uranus strive for freedom at all cost. They do not want to be tied down or stay committed for a long time, especially if the other person is not aligned with the same values and ideals. A relationship might be ending abruptly on this full Moon. On a collective level, the battle (Mars) for peace (Venus) takes an ironic turn towards more provocation and impatience. Belligerent actions may be carried out in the name of democracy or human rights. Risks are taken in the name of freedom and independence, without thinking of the consequences. One solution to this transit is to channel this excess of energy in a constructive way, into something that brings us pleasure and satisfaction (Venus).

Earth is the dominant element on this full Moon. Performing a ritual in nature or with objects of nature will be very powerful at this time. As Virgo is the sign of health and healing, I invite you to visualise or to pray for Mother Earth’s healing, which, ultimately, is also our own. You can also visualise yourself as a seed that is slowly growing into a beautiful and bountiful plant. Which plant are you? What colours are your flowers? How does your fruit taste? See this symbolic process as your rebirth, in preparation for the spring equinox on 20 March.

🌕 Happy Full Moon 🌕

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