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Hello, thank you for being here!


My name is Alexandra and, for a long time, I had wanted to set up an online space to share my insights and knowledge, as well as my creations.

The name Visions & Words was born out of two main passions of mine:
photography & writing.

By sharing pieces of me, my intention is to help you find inspiration, learn something new and spend time in a peaceful, virtual environment.
I hope that I was able to fulfill that intention.


My journey

I have always been observant and introverted. From an early age, I discovered that I could express myself better in writing rather than in speaking. 

Throughout the years, I have had many opportunities to practise my writing skills, from blogging to journaling. I started writing diary entries, philosophies, poetry and songs in my teenage years, and I studied translation at university, i.e. the art of expressing one piece of writing from one language into another.

In 2011, I got my first camera and began my photography journey. I have a visual memory and have always liked expressing myself through imagery. As the adage goes, a picture is worth a thousand words.

In my early twenties, I began practising meditation and yoga, through which I found inner peace, meaning and inspiration. They were my first steps on the spiritual path and still are the pillars of my practice today.

As I started living more mindfully, I revived my lost connection to the Earth and my personal power. Since then, I have adapted my lifestyle so as to live in harmony with the rhythms of my body, the cycles of the Moon, the seasons of the Earth and the energies of the Universe. Through this alignment and inner union, I have re-discovered the deep source of inspiration that had long been hidden and repressed, and which I now express best through writing, singing, photography, service and other colourful creations. 

In 2018, I discovered astrology by accident when I attended what I thought was an astronomy seminar on the Moon. The event completely changed my life, making astrology my biggest passion to date. It soon became clear to me that, in this lifetime, I was not only going to be translating human languages, but also the language of the stars.

Today, I aim to lead a mindful, meaningful and creative life by following my heart and inner guidance. I dedicate time to inner work, creativity and healthy habits every day, in order to keep the balance between my mind, body and soul, which allows me to appreciate life and its gifts to the fullest.

What started as a simple, personal blog in 2020 has now become a full-time activity. I couldn't be more grateful for where life has led me, and would like to thank the beautiful souls who have supported me and contributed to my journey, one way or another.

I am happy I get to share my journey with you. I hope that it will inspire you to tell your own story and to walk your own path.

With love,


"Life is not a problem to be solved,

but a mystery to be lived."
~ Osho

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