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New Moon in Aquarius, 1 February 2022

The new Moon at 12 degrees of Aquarius invites us to envision the future that we collectively wish to create. The new Moon falls on the same day as the pagan holiday Imbolc (the promise of light and spring) and the Chinese New Year (Year of the Water Tiger).

The Moon in Aquarius yearns for community, freedom, truth, innovation and originality. This is the perfect cycle for gathering with friends, starting new activities, joining new groups, participating in societal causes, discussing collective matters, coming up with original ideas, displaying the unconventional side of our personality and meeting like-minded people.

During Aquarius season, it is easy to emotionally “disconnect”, thus appearing cold and detached to our own needs and to the needs of others. It is important to find a balance between the mind (Aquarius) and the heart (Leo, the opposite sign) in order to keep the love warm, not only as a means to survive the coldest days of the year, but also to maintain the fires of unity, passion and creation alive.

The Sun and the Moon are conjunct Saturn in Aquarius, making this cycle an auspicious time for establishing strong and long-lasting bonds with like-minded people who are aligned with our ideals and values. Saturn also teaches us the importance of self-governance: being our own authority in our unique and authentic way.

Sun, Moon and Saturn are square Uranus in Taurus. Our plans, goals, wishes and intentions may be delayed (Saturn), only to manifest as the very best of change, perhaps in a radical, uncomfortable or unexpected way (Uranus). It is best to keep an open-mind and to welcome opportunities of all kinds, as Uranus does not bring us the change that we desire, but the change that we need.

With a big community of planets in Capricorn (Mars, Venus and Mercury retrograde conjunct Pluto), Earth is the dominant element on this new Moon. Aquarius being a futuristic sign, this cycle invites us to take practical steps, in order to build a better world and to plant the seeds of the future we collectively wish to live in. The Capricorn energy, reinforced by its ruler Saturn (in Aquarius), encourages us to lay the first foundations of this new world and to take action towards materialising our personal vision.

Questions to help you set the best intentions

What kind of people, groups or communities do I want to attract into my life? What kind of future am I envisioning for myself and for my loved ones? What are my wishes and dreams, and how can I realise them? Where do I stand in the collective? Am I happy with the role that I am playing in society? What is my purpose in life? What cause do I want to devote myself to? Where in my life do I need to introduce more freedom? Where in my life am I being too detached or cold? What do I need to change in order to be my authentic self completely?

🌙 Ritual:

On this new Moon in Aquarius, I invite you to take some time to visualise your ideal future and ideal life. What would you do if you were completely free? Where would you go? How would you behave in a world free of judgement, expectations and societal norms?

On this new Moon, I also invite you to make a wish for humankind in these times of change and uncertainty.

Aquarius being the sign of the heavens, release your new Moon intentions into the vastness of space, knowing that the Universe supports you in your journey of growth and expansion, and wants what is best for you.

“Imagine all the people sharing all the world”

as John Lennon sang in “Imagine”. He was an Aquarius Moon.

Happy New Moon!

For a poem inspired by Aquarius season, check out Wild Child

new moon aquarius 2022 kat fedora art
Artwork by Kat Fedora


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