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The Natal Chart & Personal Evolution

I have Mars in Leo in the 5th House, which is the house of children (among other things). This interpretation of the placement never really resonated with me, despite Mars being the ruler of my chart AND my Sun (double Aries here). I never related to children. In fact, I never had the patience for them.

That is until I started working with youngsters and, even more recently, came into contact with young children. I've noticed that my perspective has changed due to being around them more. The emotions and sensations that arise when I am with children are interesting, if not incredible, to say the least. A new world has opened up for me.

These past few weeks, I catch myself feeling triggered and angry (Mars) whenever a parent disrespects their child. All I want to do is rush to the child to defend them (Mars) and tell them that it is all right, that they did nothing wrong. It saddens me to know that the parents' actions and remarks have scarred the child for life, yet I also know that this is the karma that the child has chosen to inherit, so I cannot interfere.

I am using this personal example to demonstrate the aliveness of the natal chart. A placement that never really made sense to me before, in regards to the children aspect of the 5th House, has revealed itself and resonates today.

The natal chart is anything but static. As we grow older, we change and evolve, and so does our natal chart. New facets reveal themselves, while old ones fade away to either never emerge again or to re-surface as tests later in time. Patterns and cycles which we have been experiencing from an early age take on a whole new meaning, because we are now mature enough to understand them and to act on them.

This is important to note when you're getting an astrology reading: not all the messages you are going to receive during a reading are going to resonate on that day. Listen to the reading again in a month, a year, even ten years later, and the information that didn't make sense back then will take on a whole other meaning. Similarly, patterns which you have already worked on and integrated will belong to the past and show you how much you have evolved since then.

To conclude, do not think that your natal chart is your be-all and end-all. You are not bound to your chart. You evolve with it. You were born with unique gifts, keys, lessons and challenges, so that you can use them as you deem best. YOU get to decide how many times you wish to repeat certain cycles and when it is time to break them. The natal chart is a map of you, ready to help you navigate this human experience in a way that is unique to you, with the aim goal being personal and spiritual evolution.

Child. Taken in July 2011


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