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Astrology is one of the oldest disciplines still alive today. The word astrology comes from the Greek "astro", meaning "star", and "logos", which means "word" or "speech". Hence, astrology is the language of the stars. 


Since the dawn of time, humans have looked up to the sky for guidance and answers. Astrology is one of the pillars of many ancient civilisations, most of which developed elaborated calculation systems of heavenly events that are still used today. Indeed, important political and military decisions were taken based on planetary positions and transits, while many ancient arts and sciences, such as alchemy, the mysteries, ayurveda and herbalism, actively use astrology in their practices.


Astrology and astronomy used to be one, as the ancients knew the importance of looking at both scientific and esoteric explanations of observable phenomena. They knew that the Earth was not an isolated place, but part of a universal ecosystem.


The planets and the stars might seem far away, but their energies can be felt on Earth. This is explained by the law of gravity, the force that binds everything together in this Universe. Before modern physics explained this phenomenon mathematically, most ancient cultures explained it through the hermetic axiom As above, so below ‒ everything is connected and part of the same Consciousness.

Tuning in and synchronising to the energies of the heavens allows us to live in harmony with the cycles of Earth and Sky, and to go with the flow instead of fighting the tides. Astrology is an extremely useful tool for self-discovery, personal and spiritual development, as well as for planning ahead. I personally follow tropical astrology, which is based on the seasons and has its roots in psychology, the archetypes and mythology, although I am aware and have notions of other astrological systems as well.

My articles are here to help you navigate the cosmic energies.

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Moon dust in your lungs,
Stars in your eyes;
You are a child of the Cosmos,
A ruler of the Skies.

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