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Astrology Readings

with Alexandra

Natal Chart Reading


The natal chart is a photograph of the heavens at the exact moment of your birth. It provides you with the tools to navigate life with ease. It shows you where your potential and challenges lie, and how to use them for personal development.

During a natal chart reading, we will be diving deep into your blueprint, uncovering your gifts, your main personality traits, the lessons that you came here to learn, your purpose, the elemental energies surrounding you, and so much more!

A natal chart reading lasts 1.5 hours.

You will receive the recording and a copy of your chart at the end of the session.

Solar Return Reading


The solar return is the chart that is generated on your birthday. It gives you a taste of the birth year ahead.


Paired with annual profections, the natal chart and numerology, we will look at what you can expect in the next 12 months. It will help you understand your inner landscape for that birth year, as well as provide you with answers regarding your goals and journey.

Please note that a solar return reading is not the same as transits! It is a chart, thus an energy that can be embodied, instead of predictions.


A solar return reading lasts 1 - 1.5 hours.


It is recommended that you are already familiar with your natal chart, as we will be looking at both during the session.

You will receive the recording and a copy of your chart at the end of the session.

Specific Question


Do you have a burning question?


During this reading, we take a look at one specific point in the natal chart, depending on your question.

The natal chart covers everything, from career, to family and love; from challenges and lessons, to gifts and purpose. We can also explore a specific placement, sign, planet, aspect or transit that calls to you.

The reading lasts 30 - 45 minutes for one question.

You will receive the recording and a copy of your chart at the end of the session.


Astrology Workshops & Tutoring


Do the stars spark your curiosity?


Contact me for on-demand and tailor-made astrology lessons!


Whether you are an absolute beginner or would like to deepen your knowledge of astrology, we will look into and discuss in depth the topic of your choice.

One lesson lasts 1 hour.

Individual & small group sessions available.

For scheduled online events, please check out the Events page.


Fill in the form to book your reading!

Thank you!



I had the pleasure of receiving a reading from Alexandra, as she was part of my women's retreat. It was such a deeply insightful and inspiring reading. It helped me trust the path that I am on and to keep walking this feminine journey. It's especially interesting to see how certain traits about me are "written in the stars". It helps me accept life and the challenges I've been given. I can warmly recommend her reading, which I perceived being deeply feminine and intuitive.


The astrology reading helped me to see different aspects of my life from a wider perspective and encouraged me to continue on my chosen path and set focus. Alexandra's neutral,
non-judgmental perspective and the depth of her knowledge, intuition and understanding made me feel safe, seen and supported.


I was not very familiar with astrology before my reading with Alexandra. That was not a hindrance, since Alexandra is very good at explaining. She taught me so much and I was left with a lot of new insights. The session was interactive and I was able to ask questions about what I found most relevant. I was surprised how much fitted with my life. I was a little sceptical of the accuracy of it before the session, but I was for sure convinced of the relevance of the stars and planets in my life after the session. It must also be said that Alexandra is a very warm and kind-hearted person, which made me very comfortable talking about myself and my life.  I highly recommend a reading with Alexandra.


I had my first ever natal chart reading with Alexandra this summer. I was always torn between curiosity and scepticism when it came to astrology, but this reading changed my view completely. I love Alexandra's approach and that she gave useful advice and always double-checked if I can relate to what she saw in my chart, rather than trying to convince me of a certain truth. Highly recommend a reading with this wonderful Aries sister.


C’est par un après-midi de décembre qu’Alexandra a bravé la neige pour venir lire ma carte astrale. Elle me la présente, et toute en sensibilité et délicatesse, dévoile les principaux traits qui s’en dégagent et dessinent un portrait qui m’est familier. Elle lit la carte comme elle sonde mon regard, avec profondeur et acuité. Je suis surprise par la finesse de ses observations. A mes questions ou remarques, elle éclaire, précise, et ses mots sont toujours bienveillants. Nul doute que je devrai réécouter cette séance, heureusement enregistrée, pour qu’elle me livre tous ses enseignements. 


I loved your reading Alexandra and am grateful we could share this as a beautiful exchange. It went marvellously deep, pulled a lot of truth and yet felt so light, effort-free and humble.

Additional Information

 I am a Tropical/Western astrologer.

I use the Placidus system.

I do not read for third parties without their consent (children, partners, siblings, etc.)

I do not predict the future, death, birth or marriage.

I do not provide specific dates, only time periods.


✦  About Me  

I discovered astrology by accident in 2018, when I attended what I thought was an astronomy workshop on the Moon. The event completely altered the course of my life and my outlook on reality.

By the end of the course, I was hooked. I began reading books, watching videos, attending workshops, listening to podcasts... whatever I could get my hands on! The more I learned, the more my curiosity grew. And the more I knew, the more I wanted to share the knowledge with others.

I soon began reading the birth charts of friends and family members. Over time, through trial and error, my confidence grew and I found my reading style. Today, I practise astrology professionally.

Astrology is my biggest passion to date. Not only does it allow me to decode universal symbolism, it also allows me to know my fellow human beings on a deeper level.


Astrology has, first and foremost, helped me uncover the deepest layers of myself, grow as a person, and lead an aligned and empowered life. Through self-knowledge, I am now able to uncover the unique blueprint of others and transmit it to them.


Originally a linguist and translator by trade, the discovery of astrology revealed to me that, in this lifetime, I was not only going to be decoding human languages, but also the language of the stars.

I am grateful to the beautiful souls who have contributed to my astrological journey, one way or another.

Thank you for your trust, openness & continuous support.


  If you'd like to read more about my journey, click here. 

✦  For more information about astrology, please see my blog post 

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